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Safe Sanctuary

Our church is a safe haven for all those that enter.  A Safe Sanctuary Policy has been implemented to ensure each one is nurtured and cared for in a protective environment.

Dove Nest Seminar

Dove’s Nest is a group that seeks to empower faith communities to keep children safe.  On September 18, 2016, Dove’s Nest came to North Goshen Mennonite Church to raise awareness about safe sanctuary issues.  In addition, a presentation was given regarding the Circle of Grace curriculum that helps to educate children and youth about the value of positive relationships with God and others.


Brenda Yoder gave the main presentation to educate about child abuse and neglect as well as how to keep children safe.

Click here to view the Main Presentation


There was a panel discussion regarding child abuse and neglect in the home, church, and community. 

Click here to view the Panel Discussion


Nancy Kauffman gave a presentation introducing the Circle of Grace curriculum. 

Click here to view part 1 of the Circle of Grace Presentation

Click here to view part 2 of the Circle of Grace Presentation